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MaxiPower® is an exciting, new and innovative pre-workout formula designed to create the most intense training sessions you’ve ever experienced – workouts, which are needed to trigger the muscle growth you crave, or sporting performances that will help shatter personal bests. Each serving contains some of the most exciting, well-researched and talked-about performance nutrients. You should literally see and feel the formula working within minutes of taking your first serving.

Maximuscle’s research team sat down with the goal of creating a formula that could offer you the most growth-stimulating workouts ever, without the need for numerous capsules or drinks. Maxipower offers advanced pre-workout technology and users tell us that it produces almost immediate gains in pumps, performance and training intensity. Unlike some products, you don’t need to wait for several days or weeks to notice results. Customers say you only need to take it 20-30 mins before you train and they feel results within 5-10 mins of training.

Maxipower contains a unique array of ingredients not found before in a single pre-workout formula. Not only does Maxipower contain GAKIC, in the precise dose shown in research to deliver results, but you also get the Carnosine-boosting amino acids Beta Alanine and L-histidine, as well as the super potent Citrulline Malate and Citrulline Ethyl Ester HCL blend. The first ever-soluble N-acetyl-tyrosine (an amino acid) has also been added. To make the formula complete, we’ve added a special form of magnesium for optimum muscle contraction. No other product, which we are aware of contains this unique and powerful combination of ingredients.

With Maxipower, you also get the key ingredients, which can boost training intensity, pumps, strength and power. These are the same ingredients that have created such a buzz with bodybuilders in the USA, and Maximuscle are excited to offer you the same potent, high-quality ingredients.

  • Combines the latest pre-workout power nutrients
  • Feel it work the first time you use it
  • Used by top strength and power athletes
  • Unique and powerful formula exclusive to Maximuscle
Recommended Use
Mix one scoop (50g) in 300ml of water. Stir or shake vigorously and drink immediately, take 20-30 mins before training.

Nutrition Information: Per 1 scoop (50g)
  • Energy 186Kcal
  • Sodium 250mg
  • Carbohydrates 30.7g
  • Niacinamide (Vit PP/B3) 20mg NE
  • Maxi Gakic® 8g
  • Patented Albion Magnesium 250mg
  • Alpha ketoglutarate 3g
  • Histidine 0.5g
  • Citrulline malate 3g
  • Acetyl-tyrosine 0.5g
  • Beta Alanine 1.5g
  • Creatine 1g
In the exclusive maxcarb proprietary quad carb blend (sucrose, dextrose, maltodextrin, fructose)

Weight: 800g