Key Points

  • Exercise intensively
  • Consume enough protein
  • Provision of calories and energy
  • Creatine for strength and explosive power
  • Help reduce muscle breakdown
  • Introduce additional products to aid your results
  • Training Plan
  • Meal Plan

Strength supplements - How to build strength with Maximuscle

Ever watched top athletes do their stuff. What's the difference between them and you? Training? Maybe. Talent? Quite possibly. A better diet? Almost certainly. These guys know that exercise and talent will only take you so far. In sport you really are what you eat. If you want to be fitter, faster, stronger and more powerful, Maximuscle's Power & Strength range will help transform you into the kind of athlete that everyone else is talking about

1. Exercise intensively

When your body comes to repair the damage caused by training, it overcompensates, making your muscles stronger than before, so you're able to do the same amount of exercise with less effort. This is known as the training effect. As you train, your strength increases, thanks to the increased stimulation of muscle fibres and an increase in muscle size. The use of sports nutrition products will allow you to train harder for longer by supplying your body with more energy. You'll recover more quickly and gain strength faster.

2. Build strength first, power second

To build the power that you need to be successful in many sports, maximum strength is vital. In other words, you have to work on strength first, then power, and that should be cycled over and over. To get stronger, focus on using heavy weights and low repetitions (4-6 reps) in your training sessions.

3. Consume enough protein

A lack of quality protein will result in a loss of muscle tissue and tone, a weaker immune system, slower recovery and a lack of energy. Promax, Promax Extreme, Promax Meal bars and performance products such as Cyclone all contain whey protein to satisfy your needs. These products are ideal to supplement your protein intake, which you get from foods such as fish, chicken and steak.

4. Provision of calories and energy

If your aim is to increase your strength and power without increasing muscle bulk, then you only need enough calories to maintain your weight. If you're aiming for an increase in muscle size as well as developing strength, it's important to have a higher calorie intake than that needed to simply maintain weight. Ensure that you consume calories – a combination of carbohydrates and protein – directly after training in order to maximise recovery.

5. Creatine for strength and explosive power

Products such as the Creatamax range could help you to train more intensely, improve strength, and help you last longer and lift more reps for the same weight. Check out the products in our Cutting Edge range that will help you increase strength.

6. Help reduce muscle breakdown

By minimising muscle breakdown after training you can support your muscle and strength goals further. A formula such as HMB-1000 can help to do this. Add it to your high-protein diet and weight training regime for best results.

7. Introduce additional products to aid your results

Hard training requires adequate intake of vitamins and minerals. Protrient, Immune Support and ZMA can all support your immune function, physical and mental performance.