Find out more about Creatine, the world's most well researched sports nutrition product

What is creatine?

Creatine is a substance found naturally in your body. Every time you perform any type of intense exercise (e.g. weight training) your body uses creatine to provide you with energy. Unfortunately, this substance’s stores only last for a maximum of around 10 seconds. This depletion is the reason why you can’t train “all-out” for very long.

What are its benefits?

Adding creatine to your diet raises its levels in your body. With more research than any other sports nutrition product, creatine could help you pack on muscle size and strength fast, when combined with your weight training regime. There's an important body of research to show that it can be used to support your muscle and strength goals. Creatine is great for helping you achieve your physique goals, it’s one of the most popular products with body builders and power athletes, such as rugby players, along with their protein and energy drinks.

Should you use it?

If you are seeking muscle size, strength and power you could benefit from creatine. Anyone involved in strength and power-based sports, bodybuilders and regular gym users will notice greater gains in muscular size, strength and performance. We make available a range of products to supplement the substance in your body and to give noticeable results to your workouts.